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Stress causes disease.

Redox Imbalance is why.

Eustress boosts resilience.

NLR tracks resilience.

Are you at risk for stress-driven disease?

The Science

One Disease: Redox Imbalance explores the science of how stress becomes disease. The surprise? The systems that help your body adapt to stress hold the key to causing, curing, and preventing all disease…

The Application

Resilience! The Key to Lifelong Health applies the science from One Disease: Redox Imbalance to create a breakthrough, actionable program for health consumers. Resilience can be lost, but also recovered and bolstered…

Resilience! Cover


Today, redox imbalance is the disease we don’t diagnose, measure or treat. It’s time to start. For the past 3+ decades, researchers in the field of redox biology have quietly been building the case that redox imbalance, the umbrella term for oxidative and reductive stress, is a root cause for virtually every disease and disease pathology…


Redox Health is a different way of thinking about health and disease—a new paradigm that is distinctly different from the reigning paradigm, western medicine, with its emphasis on pills and procedures… 

Author Michael Sherer didn’t plan to write a book. His journey to health research and writing began as a father’s search for root causes of his daughter’s ADHD diagnosis…


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