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One Disease: Redox Imbalance

"How stress becomes disease"

“Stress causes disease. Redox imbalance is why.” From that seven-word thesis, “One Disease: Redox Imbalance” builds the provocative case that stress-driven oxidative and reductive stress, aka redox balance, is the root cause of chronic diseases ranging from aging to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness and more. Author Michael Sherer has synthesized research drawn from over 250,000 articles on Pubmed, a repository of global medical research, to explain what redox imbalance is, why you and even your doctor have not heard of it, and to make the case that redox imbalance represents a fundamentally different paradigm for understanding health and treating disease. 

Redox Imbalance is the disease we don’t diagnose, measure or treat, and yet it’s driving over $1.5 trillion in healthcare spending in the US alone. Redox health, the new paradigm, promises better results at lower costs, but only if we recognize the significance of this body of important research that is relatively unknown outside the research community of redox biologists.