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Who is Michael?

Michael Sherer, health researcher and author, is a member of the Society for Redox Biology and Medicine and the American Society for Nutrition. In his first book, One Disease: Redox Imbalance, Sherer lays out the theoretical foundation for the role of stress in disease, drawing on stress theory and redox theory.

His second book Resilience! The Key to Lifelong Health, is a consumer-focused application of the underlying science. These books will change how you think about health, disease and healthcare.

Throughout his thirty-year career in IT leadership, Michael Sherer has been called a visionary, an interdisciplinary problem solver, a futurist, a systems thinker, and a trendspotter. Family health issues led Sherer to apply these skills to a broad range of medical research and ultimately spurred him to leave IT for the uncharted waters of cutting edge medical research and writing. One Disease: Redox Imbalance and Resilience! The Key To Lifelong Health are foundational works—the first in a series of books applying the principles of redox health to help people live longer, healthier lives, and provide more effective, lower-cost healthcare models for the societies they live in.

RedoxHealth.org Mission, Vision, Goals

Mission Statement

RedoxHealth.org seeks to empower people across the globe to live healthier lives by applying redox health principles to enhance stress resilience, prevent and cure disease, increase healthspan, and lower healthcare costs.

Vision Statement

RedoxHealth.org will help bring about a holistic realignment of societal values, culture, law, policy, the workplace, the economy, and healthcare around minimizing dis-stress and maximizing stress resilience.

The Redox Health Proposition

Stress causes disease. Redox Imbalance is why. Eustress boosts resilience. NLR tracks resilience.


  • Create a growing network of consumers and health professionals committed to proving, refining, and implementing the redox health paradigm.
  • 1 million+ people across the globe will know their NLR
  • Support research into stress, redox stress, NLR and redox therapeutics