Are you at risk for stress-driven disease?

Intuitively, most people know that stress causes disease. Few people, however, have any idea of why or whether they might be at risk. Enter the Redox Health Proposition, a 13-word distillation of the latest science from the fields of redox biology, stress theory, anti-aging, genetics, epigenetics, and more. It is:

“Stress causes disease. Redox Imbalance is why. Eustress boosts resilience. NLR tracks resilience.”

Memorize it. We expect 1st graders to memorize the pledge of allegiance and it’s 31 words! Don’t worry if you don’t understand words like Redox Imbalance, eustress, and NLR. We’ll get to those in moment. Knowing that stress causes disease is a big deal, but it’s not enough. That’s because most people’s definition is way too narrow. 

I want to skip straight to the point...