Next steps in your redox health journey

Just as our bodies are all different, we all respond to new information differently. Some will find the idea threatening that there might be a different way of thinking about health and disease that critiques western medicine as currently practiced. They will reject redox health as quackery, despite the testimony of 250,000+ articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals showing that oxidative stress and redox imbalance play a central role in every major disease and pathology. If that’s you, thanks for reading this far. I gave it my best shot :-). Others will find the idea that stress causes disease intuitively obvious and will be interested in learning more about redox imbalance. They may even have a specific health complaint they’d like to try out some redox health principles on. What can it hurt?  If that describes you, fill out the form below to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. It’s free!
If you’re a healthcare professional or highly-motivated patient, you may just want to take a deep dive into the underlying science to see if it holds water. I wrote “One Disease: Redox Imbalance” for you. While it would be at home in college health science course, it’s priced like a summer beach read. Click the Buy button below to purchase the book on

Finally, if you’d like to skip the scientific footnotes and focus on redox health in its simplest, most actionable form, our latest book “Resilience! The Key to Lifelong Health” is available now.

Finally, our promise to you... is a mission-driven organization seeking to make the world a healthier place through redox health principles. We want doctors to diagnose, measure and treat redox imbalance, and we want everyone to understand the central role redox status plays in health disease. Our mission CANNOT succeed if you don’t trust us and we are not trustworthy. To that end, we make the following promises:
  • We won’t try to sell you supplements
  • We won’t accept advertising from anyone, even companies we like and admire.
  • If recommend product, we will not accept any affiliate fees. Our recommendations will be based on our esteem for the product.
  • We won’t engage in conspiracy theories or sensationalism (No “Twenty things your doctor doesn’t want you to know. You won’t believe #17!)
  • If we make a mistake, point it out and we’ll fix it.
  • If the scientific evidence evolves, we’ll do our best to evolve with it.
  • If we critique certain aspects of western medicine or specific therapies, it’s because we believe the emerging science warrants the critique.
  • If there’s controversy over certain issues, we’ll do our best to point it out
  • The wisdom of crowds is real and learning is a two-way street.  We’ll do our best to learn from you and your experience, and to create space for you to share what you’re learning with others (as long as it adheres to community standards).
To sum up, we’re building the kind of health community we’d want to be a part of—based on science, committed to learning and growth, committed to helping each other, changing the world for the better.