...Redox Imbalance

Redox Imbalance is just an umbrella term for oxidative and reductive stress, biochemical processes the body uses to maintain a healthy, balanced state when facing stress. And by stress we don’t just mean a hard day at the office. Stress can be caused by viruses and bacteria, injuries, drugs, toxins, air pollution, noise, light or radiation, weather or temperature changes, smells, gravity, genetics, processed foods, malnutrition, an activated immune system, negative thoughts or emotions—anything the body perceives to be a change requiring some kind of adaptive response. If you experience too many stressors for too long, you will eventually experience symptoms—pain, inflammation, rash, allergies, digestive issues, malnutrition, low energy, depression  anxiety, and bodily systems that are progressively damaged and dysregulated. Redox imbalance is connected to virtually every symptom and pathology that comprise what we call disease. That’s the bad news.